Early Harvest & Cold Pressed


"I tried THREE PONDS EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL at a tasting event and my immediate reaction was "WOW"!!!  
 I thought it was one of those very pricy imported oils from Italy or Greece that can only be purchased at gourmet specialty stores....Tasting THREE PONDS olive oil is like having an explosion of organic olives in your mouth, true to the earthy and peppery flavor of fresh picked olives!!...I highly recommend this oil."

-Shelley from California

"Thanks for making such outstanding olive oil.  I live in Vienna, Austria and was lucky enough to pick up a bottle of Three Ponds On a recent trip to California.  I was interested in how it would taste compared to all of the Italian, Spanish and Greek olive oils we have here in Europe.  I served it at a recent barbeque (see recepite below) and it was a big hit!  Thanks so much!  Keep it up!
-Bob from Vienna, Austria        

Grilled Potatoes
Cook whole potatoes in the microwave until almost done
Smother potatoes in Three Ponds Olive Oil-leave any extra in the bowl
Generously sprinkle Sea Salt on the potatoes
Place on grill until browned on outside
Return potatoes to the bowl and serve"

Garlic Stuffed Olive & Tomato Bruscetta            Generously brush bread with Three Ponds Olive Oil and bake at
                                                                            350 degrees until toasted light golden, about 8 minutes
1 loaf ciabatta bread sliced     
1/4 cup Three Ponds Olive Oil                             Prepare topping by mixing chopped olives, tomatoes, salt & pepper,   
1/2 jar garlic stuffed olives, chopped                    toss with the arugula and drizzle a bit more Three Ponds Olive Oil to bind
2 cups tomatoes, chopped
Arugula, one bunch roughly chopped                   Spoon topping on each ciabatta toast slice or put all toppings in a bowl and
sea salt                                                                  put toast slices around and then enjoy!
ground black pepper
fresh basil, chopped                                              - Lisa from California


Three Ponds Olive Oil
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